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New Foo Fighters

How about a bit of another  new song from the Foos?? Here’s a taste of the new track “Congregation.” 

Fall Out Boy On Ellen

The Fall Out Boy dudes have been making some new friends recently. First was Rick Ross, cameoing in the video for “Centuries,” the band’s first new music since their 2013 reunion album, Save Rock and Roll. And now, with a performance on Ellen, Fall Out Boy are hanging with Suzanne Vega. You know, the singer behind “Tom’s… [more]

More Fall Out Boy

And here’s the video for “Centuries” with the Rick Ross cameo.


Fresh off of reuniting Temple of the Dog at Bridge School, Soundgarden had another big surprise for fans this week: A new track called “Storm,” from  Soundgarden's long-in-the-works rarities collection. Echo of Miles: Scattered Tracks Across the Path will arrive November 24th with three discs full of B-sides, cover songs,… [more]

Imagine Dragons

Imagine Dragons has spent the last week teasing new lyrics and their new single’s cover art on Instagram, which they followed up by tweeting: “Back to the studio for us. Good things to come. Very soon. Peace and love to all you wonderful people out there across the world.” Here’s… [more]


Jack Antonoff just released the new Bleachers video for “Rollercoaster” and we bring it to you here first! Watch closely….Jack says he “almost died” during the filming when the ice cream truck’s brakes failed. 

More Bleachers

And watch this live performance back when the band was MTV's Artist To Watch!

Bear Hands

Bear Hands were on Conan last night. Check out “Agora” here and don’t miss them LIVE next Wednesday at The Black Sheep!

Vance Joy

Have you heard the new Vance Joy track “Play With Fire”? Here’s a cool acoustic version: 

Smashing Pumpkins

Brand new on RXP is the new Smashing Pumpkins. Check out “Being Beige.” 

The Best Mother’s Day Gifts….

I love being a mom…most days. I think we all have those days where a couple of hours alone are longed for, but I generally look forward to seeing my kids when I’m done with work. Whether they are playing “Beauty and The Hockey Playing Beast”, (the only way my son would play with his sister!!) or we are all bustin’ a move to some Jackson 5 on the Wii, they crack me up.
My husband always makes Mother’s Day special for both his mom and myself, usually cooking breakfast and a thoughtful card and gift. I lucked out in the husband department, for sure.
That being said, this Tina Fay quote from “Date Night”, though, still warms my heart for its sheer honesty!

“If anything, I fantasize sometimes about being alone. There are times when I just thought about, on my worst day, just you know, leaving our house and just going some place like checking into a hotel and just being in a quite room by myself, just sitting in a quite air-conditioned room, sitting down, eating my lunch, with no one touching me, drinking a Diet Sprite, by myself. Look, I just wanna have one day that doesn’t depend on how everyone else’s day goes.”

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