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Nothing worse than feeling helpless as we watch folks suffer, so here’s a list of places that you can donate to or learn more about!

The American Red Cross

  • Go to to donate or learn about volunteering 
  • Call 1-800-RED CROSS to donate

Apple has also added a spot to donate to the American Red Cross in their iTunes store!

Did you know that disaster relief agencies DON’T provide diapers??

You can help by donating to Diaper Banks.


      –Diaper bank of Central Florida


For those who want to help animals affected by Hurricane Harvey:

Officials are asking that if you can donate blood, PLEASE do so!!

To book an appointment today, contact Bonfils Blood Center at


This is only a handful of the amazing groups offering help for those in need right now.

*Per usual, I always encourage everyone to check out any charitable groups at  or before donating.


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  • Thank you for compiling this info! I’ve passed it onto my entire office & am working with management to send it out companywide (all 50 states).

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