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Foo Fighters‘ new record, Concrete and Gold hits stores Friday, and they’ve just come up with a new way to tease it during its final week of hiding.
The band has created a digital “vault” containing clips of songs found on the album.
“Our new album Concrete and Gold is here and we’re revealing the secrets one vault at a time,” they wrote on their website. “When each vault lock fills with gold, click to open it.” Below the text you’ll find 14 boxes containing the album’s cover art. Currently, the contents of only two boxes can be heard; one which features a wordless choir and the other, featuring a heavy guitar riff. Both clips are downloadable.
The band has already previewed three of the 11 new recordings, “Run,” “The Sky Is a Neighborhood” and “The Line.” Four others, “Sunday Rain,” “La Dee Da,” “Dirty Water” and “Arrows” have been performed on their recent tour of Europe.
The band have also revealed that they will launch a pop-up pub in London. The Foo Fighters Arms will be open from Sept. 15-20 at 339 Cambridge Heath Road in the Bethnal Green district. They’re taking over the Dundee Arms pub and, according to their website, they will have special Foo Fighters beers and exclusive merchandise for sale.

You can see the vault at

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