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I can’t believe that it’s been nearly 15 years since the Yeah Yeah Yeahs released their debut LP Fever To Tell which boasts classics like, “Maps” Date With The Night” and more which became one of their most memorable and best-selling albums. That said, it looks like a reissue of the 2003 album is in the works according to the Tweet from YYY below:

The first 500 Deluxe Box buyers will receive a bonus cassette with 4 additional exclusive, unreleased demo bonus tracks with handwritten labels by the band with the song below as well as:

Art Star (Four Track Demo)
Bang (Four Track Demo)
Our Time (Four Track Demo)

The band will play their first show in four years at Sound On Sound in Austin, Texas this November. As far as I know, the band is still on hiatus so we’ll see just what happens here! Check out the massive box set here.

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