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I didn’t even know this was a thing, but it is!! Reddit organizes a gift exchange for users around the world every year, and there are even multiple celebrities and companies who participate. Viette LLC has been taking part for years, and was expecting her usual type of gift to come in the mail, but instead was greeted with a refrigerator-sized box at her door. What was inside? A Secret Santa gift from Bill Gates himself! To prove everything came from him, the former richest man in the world took his photo with some of the loot, along with his handwritten card. CHECK OUT THE HAUL HERE I think I’m going to sign up for next year! (Not necessarily because of the possibility of getting gifts from Bill Gates, but it sounds cool!) Will you??

“I just caught fragments of the letter all at once—‘a donation has been made,’ ‘Bill Gates,’ & my cat’s names. It clicked & I started to burst out loud laughing & crying simultaneously.”
One lucky redditor just found out their Secret Santa was @BILLGATES!

— Reddit Gifts (@RedditGifts) December 21, 2017




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