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In my best granpappy voice, “What the heck is a Mee-ow Wolf.” 

Meow Wolf is a really cool artist collective located in Santa Fe, New Mexico and it is home to a fully submersive art exhibit called the “House of Eternal Return.” (see video below)

The really cool thing is? They’re opening one in Denver in 2020. The new $50 million project will rise 30 feet above I-25, Colfax Avenue and Auraria Parkway viaducts which will wrap it on three sides in an old warehouse and office building once owned by Elitch Gardens.

According to The Know, “Meow Wolf Denver will be similar to the Santa Fe space, albeit more ambitious. It, too, will include an immersive narrative experience designed to transport its patrons through the looking glass. Santa Fe’s House of Eternal Return offers the mystery of the Selig family, whose home has become riddled with portals to other universes. Denver’s concept is being kept under wraps for the time being, but expect more info on it later this year.”

The building will host: an exhibition space three times the size of the Santa Fe space, a cafe, bar, retail space, and an 800-capacity music venue!

How about seeing your favorite RXP bands here?!

You can purchase passes and even LIFETIME passes now! Click here for the whole article.

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