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Is it really over? I still remember the first CD I saved up to buy and I made my dad drive me to Media Play to get. It was The Sundays with Blind, and that trip started a bi-weekly trip to Independent Records, Media Play, or Sam Goody to add to my collection.

Fast forward to 2018, where Best Buy has broken the news to music suppliers that the company will pull all CDs from its stores by July 1. The reason? Sales of CDs fell 18% and with its small offering of what customers can buy, Best Buy has decided to just stop selling them. (Though the retailer will continue to carry vinyl and turntables for the next two years.)

Best Buy isn’t alone in this trend; Target has also stepped up to the music industry, threatening to follow suit if their terms aren’t met. (You can read all about their terms here.)

Will we be putting our CDs next to our Laserdiscs in storage? It’s sad to me now that once upon a time we used to be able to OWN music…now we just lease it…What are your thoughts?

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