One of the most talked about films of this year’s Sundance Film Festival is “Hereditary”.

The movie features Gabriel Byrne and Toni Collette and AV Club has called it the “most traumatically terrifying horror movie in ages.”

It hits theaters June 8th and here’s you first look!

“Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery” won’t be available until this spring, but here’s a little peek! In the game you will be a student at Hogwarts, with a chance to pick a pet, duel, pick a house and attend classes, among other fun! 

Yes, there is now a Diag Con happening both this July and October! Sadly, they are both happening in the UK. While it is an independent Con and not supported by any of the groups with rights to the Potter franchise, word is that some of the actors from the film will be in attendance! You can learn more by clicking HERE!  

If you loved The Breeders 1993’s EP “Fate to Fatal” as much as I did, then you are going to love this! The same lineup that gave us that brilliant mix of rage and romance, is back together and the new album is expected out on March 2nd along with a list of concert dates! Here’s a little taste of what is to come!!


Get ready for the most epic Marvel movie to date!!!!

Avengers: Infinity War – Official Trailer

“There was an idea…” Marvel Studios' "Avengers: Infinity War" in theaters May 4.

Posted by Marvel on Wednesday, November 29, 2017

The short film, which features their song, “Pleader”, is based on the novel “How Green Was My Valley” by Richard Llewllyn. The book follows a mining community in Wales in the 19th century. The whole thing is pretty powerful, so enjoy.


Being described as “Glee” meets “Shaun Of The Dead”, the soon to be released, “Anna And The Apocalypse” follows a group of teens through their Scottish town as a zombie outbreak threatens their happy holidays!

Check out the trailer below!!

Springs Police are looking for the woman pictured below, as for the last seven weeks, she has been defecating in a family’s yard!!!

The family, which live in a neighborhood near Union and Briargate, have even caught her mid-squat and yet the insanity continues!!

The woman could face several charges, so call authorities if you recognize the “Mad Pooper“!!!

Seriously….what the heck is wrong with people!!??


For myself, Little Earthquakes was one of the big soundtracks for my late teens and early twenties. I also enjoyed Under The Pink and Boys For Pele, but none captured me like Little Earthquakes. Now comes a new album from Amos, out today, called Native Invader. If the first single, “Reindeer King” is any indication, it’s going to be good!



Coldplay was supposed to play Houston before Hurricane Harvey hit and had to cancel. Chris Martin then felt compelled to write a tribute to the struggling city. After hearing it, many are joking that they should’t play it again, as people in Houston have suffered enough, while others wish he’d donate to a group like the Red Cross if he truly wants to help.

Check out the song for yourself now!


Nothing worse than feeling helpless as we watch folks suffer, so here’s a list of places that you can donate to or learn more about!

The American Red Cross

  • Go to to donate or learn about volunteering 
  • Call 1-800-RED CROSS to donate

Apple has also added a spot to donate to the American Red Cross in their iTunes store!

Did you know that disaster relief agencies DON’T provide diapers??

You can help by donating to Diaper Banks.


      –Diaper bank of Central Florida


For those who want to help animals affected by Hurricane Harvey:

Officials are asking that if you can donate blood, PLEASE do so!!

To book an appointment today, contact Bonfils Blood Center at


This is only a handful of the amazing groups offering help for those in need right now.

*Per usual, I always encourage everyone to check out any charitable groups at  or before donating.






When: Saturday, November 8th at 10am

Where: The Bear Creek Nature Center ( 245 Bear Creek Road, COS, CO 80906)

What: The “Bear Creek’s Bear Run” is a 3k trail fun run and you score bear suit to keep and wear for the race with your registration!

Who: People of all ages who enjoy running around a beautiful setting in a bear suit for a great cause!!

Why: All proceeds benefit the amazing educational programs and more offered year round by the Bear Creek Nature Center!

To register, click here!






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