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Each weekday, we’ll give you a festive poem describing a different holiday movie, so listen at 7, 11 and 5 to hear a new line of the poem. After the final line at 5:00, if you are caller number 5 at 219-7625 and can correctly name the movie, you’ll win 103 dollars! Use that bonus to shop for friends and family, or you can just pocket it as a gift to yourself!

Wednesday, 12/12:

In a far away, distant land
At the turn of the millennium
Different people, old and young
All connected by one emotion.


Tuesday, 12/11
Answer: The Santa Clause 

Today’s Christmas tale
Begins on December 24

All was on track for a normal Christmas
And a visit from the guy up north
When suddenly things took an unexpected turn
All starting around dinner time when the turkey did burn.


Monday, 12/10:
Answer: Christmas Vacation

Every holiday season
There’s one Christmas story that grips us all

In the middle of making his family Christmas great,
Right off the roof, he did fall.

And despite his family driving him to swear and cuss,
No one’s walking out on this fun, old fashioned family Christmas.


Friday, 12/7:
Answer: Die Hard

This Christmas feature involves
multiple stories on Christmas Eve

Family and friends gathered as one
Even the bosses, if you can believe

Until suddenly enters some unwanted guests
With one man to stop them, while slightly under dressed.


Thursday, 12/6:

This festive movie for today’s Holiday Bonus
is as charming and sweet as fudge

Even though by now you may have seen it so much,
you now hold a grudge.

Either way, you can’t resist this story on Christmas Day
Full of presents, Santa and elves, and a big prize marked fragile.


Wednesday, 12/5:
Answer: Scrooged

In today’s Christmas tale
Our protagonist is quite the Christmas crank

Even though the season is merry and bright
His Christmas spirit is very much blank

But the spooky souls around him showed him a new light
Making him open his mind, and making his wrongs right.


Tuesday, 12/4:
Answer: Home Alone

When this Christmas family comedy begins
One night before Christmas changed it all

One person forced to save Christmas,
despite being so small.

There was also a  pizza man who knocked over something valuable
And to him, they said, “Keep the change you filthy animal.”



Monday, 12/3:
Answer: Elf 

The tale told for today’s Holiday Bonus
Showed us a merry and bright journey
The discovery of a whole new, exciting land,
Shops, Christmas lights, and the land’s best coffee


Our favorite Christmas buddy’s adventure displayed
Including the most festive spaghetti ever made.