Author: Cate

A woman hired Sugar Ray’s Mark McGrath to break up with her boyfriend for her using the Cameo app

A user on the Cameo app, which is an app that allows you to hire celebrities to give personalized shout-outs to friends or family, decided to go this route as opposed to having a face-to-face conversation. She hired Mark McGrath of Sugar Ray to break up with her boyfriend FOR HER. As he explains about halfway through the video, the boyfriend is apparently a big fan of Sugar Ray, which I can’t decide if it makes it better or worse to get this news from Mark McGrath. Watch: You gotta watch this video PLEASE — Vincent Bec (@slasherdaysaint)...

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K.Flay just released a music video for “This Baby Don’t Cry” created entirely with Instagram filters

K.Flay released a new music video Friday for “This Baby Don’t Cry” which was shot entirely with Instagram filters. In the video description, she says: “i made this video on my iphone using only instagram filters. after i broke my nose on tour in paris, i figured i’d get creative instead of depressed 🙂 all footage filmed in green rooms and venues and hotels across copenhagen, stockholm, hamburg, and leipzig. THIS BABY DON’T CRY”...

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