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Join me weekdays starting at 10 following the X1039 Morning Show with Summer. I’ve always got a killer playlist lined up plus winning 1039’s High Noon Hookup. That’s getting you hooked up with local restaurants, breweries, and more! Free food & beer rules!

Wednesdays at 10:20 I’ll have the Wake N Bake Jam to ease you into your day plus winning from the Coolest store in the universe, Mountain Wookies! 

And remember the studio line to get a hold of me: 719-219-ROCK (7625)
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Check Out These Nutty Retro Halloween Commercials

Let's start with the best! Y2K Simpsons at Burger King. I wish we still had all these in our house! I remember when Halloween costumes were under $5. They were also plastic and you couldn't breathe in those masks! Costumes…

Sunday Service

Join Shawn rock for Sunday Service begins every Sunday from 8a-noon! Wake up and worship some of the great alternative and indie songs of the past from The Stooges, The Cure, Blondie, Pavement and TONS more! 4 hours of deep cuts, throwbacks and more!