Sandy Yates has established herself as one of the elite media sales people in Colorado Springs with 25 years of experience in radio and television.  Most recently, Sandy has spent the last eight years working with clients to develop productive and profitable campaigns in Southern Colorado on 94.3 KILO and 103.9 RXP.  Her rigorous, hard-nosed, and no-nonsense approach is what has gained her a reputation as one of the best and most reliable AE’s in the market.

Year after year, Sandy’s clients keep coming back, not because she sells them on the latest and greatest, but because she consistently delivers results that increases their bottom line and brings customers to their business.  In addition, Sandy’s passion for the Colorado Springs non-profit community continues to marry media, sponsors and community in a way that makes a continuous, noticeable impact.

Sandy lives in Colorado Springs with her teenage daughter and her menagerie of cats and dogs.