I don’t know why, but someone created gyrating robots, and put them to work in a French club. Check out the disturbing video below, and read the article HERE.

Cops guard Ikea store after 3,000 teens threaten to play hide and seek in the furniture

Kind of like the “Storm Area 51” movement, someone made an event titled ‘Glasgow’s biggest hide and seek’ where 3,000 teens planned to stage a huge game of hide and seek amongst IKEA furniture. Police were called to guard the IKEA outlet in Glasgow, (which is across the pond if you don’t know…)  Read the full article HERE

Teen left blind and partially deaf after living off diet of chips, sausages and fries

A British teenager existed on little more than chips, sausages, Pringles, processed ham and white bread for 10 years, shunning all fruit and vegetables because he did not like their “texture”. “These extremely unhealthy eating habits left the teen suffering an extreme form of malnourishment usually only seen in third-world countries.” Full read-up HERE.